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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Math Resource
This guide is designed primarily for the mathematics educator, whether in the role of teacher or as the student in a college education program. The majority of resources included here focus on primary and secondary education, but many may easily apply to college level. Librarians will also find the databases, reference tools, and the biographic sites helpful. Because the number of Internet sites covering mathematics education is so vast, a guide to the most essential ones is useful. To illustrate this, a search on the Google search engine under "mathematics education" found 218,000 hits and over 2 million sites when searched without the quotes.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I was hoping others would post to this blog or add comments but I guess it is not to be. So I thought I better just start writing.

since last Feb. (semester 2) I've been teaching ASL as a credit course at the high school (no, there are no Deaf adults in the Comox Valley), with the help of a skilled interpreter. It's a ton of work, as we try to teach the class in silence. Last year was Introductory ASL, this year ASL 11. We are using the Vista Signing Naturally curriculum, as a basis. There are 2 deaf students, 1 hard of hearing, 2 siblings and 3 friends in the class. The classs has just recently started to come together as a group - signing away to each other out of class (or in class when they are supposed to be paying attention).

Today we start Term 2 of ASL 11, the final term. I'll never teach this again because it ruins my schedule completely (4 day rotating timetable) but it sure has been nice to be in a class and teach again, instead of driving around putting out fires.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Hearing loss Charts
From Lister Chen (Prince George):

here's another website that gives chart info on psychosocial and educational impact of hearing loss including unilateral loss

Schoolhouse Technologies
Another website that is a favourite of mine is It is an amazing website. You can download for free a basic math factory, wordsearch factory and bingo factory. You can make worksheets instantly for basic facts and word lists that you are working on. You can also purchase Vocabulary Worksheet Factory for something like 35.00. It is the best 35.00 that I have ever spent. Once you have input your words or your passage you can create (in minutes) cloze activities, crosswords, word jumbles, matching, missing letters, and other worksheets. Take care.

Maureen LaFleche
Teacher for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
SD 69 Qualicum