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Monday, May 31, 2004

Summer Institute:
If you are registering for the CAEDHH /Outreach Summer Institue Sept 1 & 2, please make cheques out to CAEDHH BC.

Susan van Gurp, Ph.D.
Outreach Program Administrator

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Parent groups
Susan van Gurp, Outreach Program Administrator writes:
I have just received newsletters from Family Network for Deaf Children (FNDC) and the Canadian Hard of Hearing (CHAA) BC Parents' Branch. FNDC caters to parents of signing students and CHAA caters to hard of hearing/oral students. When I meet new parents I always encourage them to connect with other parents by joining these organiztions. As teachers I also strongly recommend that you subscribe to the newsletters, so that you
know what's going on with parents in BC. There are quite a few workshops, summer camps, etc advertised and the parents of your students should get this information. For example (contact info in brackets):

CHAA :Annual Camping Week-end July 23-25 at Monck Lake Park, near Merrit (
Family Week-end & Conference- Oct 22 & 23 in Surrey (
FNDC: Summer Immersion (ASL and Deafness) July 18-23 at Victory Hill (
Deaf family Camp - July 1-4th, Hornby Island ( or
Deaf Indo Canadian Party - July 2 (

For FNCD information:PO Box 50075, South Slope RPO Burnaby, V5J 5G3 or web-site:
For CHAA information: or web-site:

Monday, May 17, 2004

Dolch Words
Susan writes: "this is a great website for getting dolch word assessment forms, flashcard formats, powerpoint displays."

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sensory InstituteProvincial Resource Program- Cochlear Implants & Auditory Training Equipment1001 Columbia StreetNew Westminster, BC, CanadaV3M 1C4Tel: 604-525-0502 Toll Free: 1-886-736-7679
FM Workshop for Parents of Children with Cochlear Implants

Date: Saturday May 29th
Time: 10:00 until 12:00
Place: Adult Education Building, New Westminster School District
1001 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC
(One block west of the New Westminster Sky Train Station in the Columbia Square Shopping Centre. There is 2 hours free parking at the shopping centre)

To Register: Contact the office of the SIBC at 604-525-0502 or 1-866-736-7679 to reserve a seat, space is limited. You can also e-mail Dan Paccioretti at

Cost: Free

Topic: The use of FM for the support of Children with Cochlear Implants – Information for Parents

Presented By: Mr. Dan Paccioretti, Audiologist

Objective: To inform parents of children with cochlear implants of the important role of FM in support of the child, both at home and at school. (Although the workshop will focus on FM use with cochlear implants, parents of children who use hearing aids may also find the information useful and are welcome to attend if space is available.)

1. Brief Overview of the Provincial Resource Program
2. Impact of background noise on hearing
3. What is FM and how does it work
4. Major types of FM systems in use today
a. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of FM
b. Selection
c. Fitting
d. Monitoring and Troubleshooting
5. ATE support of school-age children with cochlear implants
6. Future trends in FM/CI interface
7. Questions

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Assessment ToolsFrom Maureen Clarke: Please respond to Maureen at

Recently, at our CAEDHH National Exec mtg in BC, Barry Imber asked each of the Regional Directors to ask for input for the CAEDHH Magazine regarding Assessment Tools used to assess deaf and hard of hearing students.

So, I would ask that, if possible, each of you submit a list to me at my email address.

Barry outlined the following:
- list of assessment tools being used
- criteria for testers (Level A,B, or C)
- how they are being used (e.g. normed vs program planning)
- with signing students? oral students?
- issues / problems / areas 'lacking'

There is a Magazine going to press now, but Barry would like to put another one together this Spring. So, he would like your input by (on/around) May 10th.