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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Three new websites
Website has info on initial stages of speech development in young children with normal hearing and hearing loss... some cochlear implant info as well. Some audio and video examples.

Messaging for educators.

Click and Write: Click and Write is a program designed for beginning writers and older students having difficulty with simple English syntax. It allows students to produce sentences and stories by clicking or typing words. The computer provides guidance in selecting words so that grammatical mistakes are kept to a minimum and learning is maximized. An artificial intelligence grammar has been included to asssist in this task.
Teachers can enter the words used in the program so it can fit their classroom needs and topics. Printable paper and pencil activities such as sentence jumbles, sentence memory, and categorization tasks are also available in Homework and Classwork features of the program.

For a free download

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Subject-Based Deaf and Hard of Hearing Internet Resources
RIT Library

Good list of resources available online, listed by subject