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Monday, April 30, 2007

Canadian Association of Educators of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Biennial Conference “Open Minds under Open Skies” from July 4-6, 2007

We invite you to join us for the Canadian Association of Educators of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (CAEDHH) Biennial Conference “Open Minds under Open Skies” from July 4-6, 2007. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Brenda Schick as our keynote speaker. She will discuss “Social Cognition and Hearing Loss: Facts, Implication, and Assessment” and “Theory of Mind and Reading in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children”.

Our concurrent session speakers will also address a number of issues currently facing educators in the field. The publisher and company displays will showcase the most current resources and equipment available to meet the needs of deaf/hard of hearing learners. The CAEDHH Biennial General Meeting will also be held during our luncheon on Friday July 6th.The conference will be held at the historic Hotel Fort Garry in the heart of Winnipeg. The hotel is situated in close proximity to a number of popular downtown sites and activities, including the Forks National Historic Site and Market. We are pleased to offer three social events during the conference.

Please join us for the Registration Wine & Cheese on Wednesday evening and the Banquet/Auction/Awards and Casino Night on Thursday evening. On Friday we offer you a glimpse into the Francophone history of Manitoba with a tour of a French fur trading fort and a play in the St. Boniface cemetery which depicts our Manitoba heritage. Please feel free to make copies of the registration materials enclosed and to share them with your colleagues. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Nancy at nschenkevel at or (204) 774-4525.We look forward to meeting you at our conference! We hope you will:Stay in a historic, haunted hotel…Sample the flavour of Winnipeg’s historic waterways… And enjoy a magnificent prairie sunset under the open skies of a Manitoba summer.
Nancy Schenkeveld
Kathy Solmundson
Registration Committee Chairs


Friday, April 27, 2007

Career in Teaching Deaf and HH students - a powerpoint presentation

Attached is a powerpoint presentation sent to me by Maureen Clarke on a Career in Teaching Students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Maureen also passed on the name of the assessment tool that she spoke of at the conference.

Assessing and supporting their auditory skills.
The resource below is a good one for hard of hearing students - in assessing and supporting their auditory skills. Christina Perigoe said it is a must-have for itinerant teachers. I have used it and it is very easy to administer and it has a program for working on skills at the appropriate level.

Auditory Rehabilitation: Memory, Language, Comprehension by Karlene Stefanakos and Rex Prater by PRO-ED
ISBN 0-89079-239-9

Order through: Insight Media Centre, Ltd.
10501 - 125 B Street, Surrey V3V 5A8
Ph. 604-581-2420 Toll free - 1-888-541-7772
I think it cost about $80.00


Monday, April 23, 2007

Links from Itinerant Conference

Email address for Audit Team, MaryAnn Bibby = Maryann.bibby at

Type Well - transcription program and training

email address for Dave Gordley of Oticon = dg at

Oticon   Oticon parent information  Amigo FM

Hearing Foundation of Canada

Coming the end of June

PEADC (Provincial Equipment and Assistive Devices): Christine Gordon = ifproject at
Linda Bartam = labartram at
PHAC (Public Health Audiology council) = nikitimar at
Equipment (Soundfields) Ministry contact Susan.Kennedy Susan.Kennedy at

Links to powerpoint presentations:


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Intoducing: M.Claire Cartford, Ph.D. CCC-A Educational Audiologist
My name is Claire Cartford and I arrived in BC in early March, from Denver, Colorado, to work with the Provincial Resource Program - Cochlear Implant and Auditory Training Outreach. I am happy that I already had the opportunity to get out and meet some of you and look forward to having opportunities in the future to meet all of you.

I am a clinical, ASHA certified audiologist with special interest and experience in educational audiology. Prior to coming into audiology, I completed a Ph.D. and for 10 years did research in the neurobiology of learning and memory. I have a strong interest in the ability of children who are deaf or hard of hearing to acquire language and find educational audiology a particularly interesting place to be professionally because of this interest.

Over the next few months, I'll be developing a newsletter for the program and introducing you to some of the ways in which I hope the PRP can contribute to and support educational audiology services for students in the province. The PRP is continually exploring ways and equipment options to best address the needs of students with hearing difficulties. I would also like to use the newsletter to make you aware of some of these options. On an ongoing basis, as requests are sent in and I see the audiograms of the children involved, I may be able to sometimes suggest a wider range of options for support than might have been thought of.

I'm very excited to be in British Columbia at this time. This province is making significant commitments to deaf and hard of hearing children which are going to present both opportunities and challenges that will affect all levels of services for the children and their families. There are wonderful, inherent challenges and opportunities for professional growth and development in making these changes. It is complex, no question about that. Change can be messy. But it is wonderful to work in a place where embracing challenge and being dedicated to working through the hard parts is just considered part of the work of a professional community that believes in what it is doing. That's the feeling I have about this province and I'm happy to be here.

Please feel free to call or contact me by e-mail. (ccartford at I will get further communication out in the next few weeks.


M.Claire Cartford, Ph.D. CCC-A
Educational Audiologist
Provincial Resource Program - CI
210 - 5021 KingsWay
Burnaby, BC V5H 4A5

Thursday, April 05, 2007

JOB OPPORTUNITY NOTICE .4 position in Delta

Monday, March 26, 2007

Please submit applications to the HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Applications must include the competition number. Applications can be faxed to 604-946-2941.

Closing deadline for receipt of application and supporting documents is:
4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 2, 2007

Comp. #07-019 RESOURCE TEACHER FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING 0.40 FTE (Mondays and Tuesdays)

This position requires a candidate who possesses the ability to:
• design and implement individualized education programs;
• provide in-class and pull-out curriculum instruction;
• provide speech training;
• provide auditory management and speech-reading training;
• provide inservice and consultation regarding integration to classroom teachers and support staff
• provide training and supervision of educational interpreters/special education assistants;
• provide monitoring of auditory training equipment;
• provide liaison between school, home, audiology clinic and Children’s Hospital

The successful candidate should possess a post-graduate diploma or equivalent in Education of the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACEHI Certification), be trained and experienced in working with integrated deaf and hard of hearing elementary students ranging in hearing loss from moderate to profound and communication mode from sign to total communication to oral-aural, be fluent in signed English and total communication, be fluent in ASL (an asset), be competent in oral and sign interpreting, be familiar with auditory training equipment and have working knowledge of the elementary curriculum and methodology.

PHONAK Elearing Session

Please join us for one of these upcoming online workshops. In the coming weeks we will have online sessions available to familiarize you with our FM programming software.

Event: eSchoolDesk and Other Internet Resources

Description: Come join us for to learn about eSchoolDesk and other useful tools available from the Phonak website. eSchoolDesk is a site designed for Hearing Resource Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Educational Assistants, Speech and Language Pathologist, AV Therapists and Pediatric/Educational Audiologists. On this site, multiple topics for the many of our transmitters and receivers may be viewed, and users are guided through a series of questions and activities to aid learning. In addition, the FM Configurator and the Compatibility Guide will also be reviewed.

Host: Peter Stelmacovich; MClSc,

Choice 1: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 @ 10:30am-11:15am (EST)
To register for this event, please go the following link:

Choice 2: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 @ 12:00pm-12:45pm (EST)
To register for this event, please go the following link:

Choice 3: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 @ 2:30pm-3:15am (EST)
To register for this event, please go the following link:

If you wish to participate in any one of these seminars please follow the links to register for the session of your choice. If you have not registered using this method in the past, you will be prompted to create a password. If you have registered this way for previous iLearn session, please use the password previously created.
Thank you and I hope to see you online.

Peter Stelmacovich
FM Product Manager
Phonak Canada
7895 Tranmere Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5S 1V9
Mobile: 416-371-3661