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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cochlear Americas' Support Centre - Habilitation on Line

Some of you have heard about the information that follows from Dan Paccioretti or others on the PRP team and are already making use of it. Nevertheless, I thought I would bring it to the attention of everyone on the HRT list as I think this is valuable professional support information, whether you have a student with a cochlear implant on your caseload or not.

Cochlear Americas' Support Centre is offering Habilitation on Line for Professionals in Education (HOPE) to assist school-based professionals address the needs of children with cochlear implants in all educational settings. HOPE provides live, on line seminars on a variety of topics such as "Getting Started with Auditory Skills" and "Assessing Spoken Language: Its Role in Teaching More Effectively". Some live Question and Answer sessions are also offered.

Participation is free and the live sessions are interactive. For those who cannot participate at live seminar times, the sessions are recorded in their entirety, with technical glitches and all, and can be accessed at your convenience.

Presented by Dr. Mary Ellen Nevins and other specialists, these sessions are of benefit for everyone working with students with hearing loss. To access a list of seminars, both recorded and live, go to: (for Windows)

or to: (for Mac)

You should bookmark the site for future reference or, you can also access it from the Quick Link in the Cochlear Implant and Auditory Training Outreach web page at: